About Us


Our company was founded in 1952 by Stylianos Dimouleas and operated until March 1979 as an individual company with the distinctive title “Dolly Express“. In April 1999, it was transformed into a public limited company under the name “Kings Court Delivery“ and with the distinctive title “KINGS COURT“. The company’s headquarters are located in privately-owned facilities at Kemp, 152-160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX and is owned by the Tax Authority of Tax Factory of Egaleo, with a Tax Number: 099216632, is registered in the Register of Societes Anonymes with a registered name: 42787/62 / Β99121 and in the General Commercial Register under the number GEMI: 42127506000. The company has a General Authorization for Postal Services under the Registry number 99-145 of the National Telecommunications and Post Commission (EET).
The purpose of the company according to Article 3 of its Articles of Association is:
1. Courier of parcels, documents and merchandise within the country and abroad.
2. Air transport of goods, parcels and documents both internally and abroad.
3. Road, shipping and rail transport of goods, parcels and documents within the country and abroad.
4. Other passenger land transport services (passenger car rental services, student bus services, student transport services by other means of transport, non-owner’s car rental services, passenger transport services for sightseeing)
; Road haulage and removal services (road freight transport services by refrigerated vehicles, letter and parcel transport services, removal services for households, regards household goods, other removal services)
6. Other supporting transport services,
7. Other storage services.
8. The establishment and operation of travel agencies in Greece and abroad.
9. Marketing, import and export of computer consumable materials and office supplies.
10. Participation in similar commercial enterprises that exist or will be established in the future.
11. Representing, co-operating or merging with domestic or foreign commercial enterprises having the same or similar purpose.
The company publishes its annual financial statements at www.taxuscourier.com
For the realization of its aim, our company employs 506 employees and uses the following privately owned vehicles: A fleet of 12 bulk carriers, 205 private cars, 67 eight-wheelers, 57 cars and 25 two-wheelers.